Teaching = Sharing Values

How Ramadan effects how I see myself and Teaching itself


I had a nice weekend,attending RSCON3 ( www.reformsymposium.com) and getting so much out of my PLN and everyone there.

One of the topic that interest me came from Brad Patterson (@Brad5patterson / www.blog.edulang.com) .He talked about the value of sharing in class. We as teachers are people who are responsible in not only sharing knowledge but also sharing values. I do believe it’s true, one of the reason why we become teacher is most probably because we like to share our values to our community,startting with class. And by value here not only as in how we transfer our knowledge but how we see our little world. Cause after all,we are this prents figure our students find when they are in our classroom. And for me,as a Kindergarten teacher, those values that needed to be shared come within teritory. 


As someone who is involved on their early stage of education,us – the kindergarten teachers- share so much values on how to put themselves in our little society,and for our school which has thematic Montessori basis,where voluntary obidience is required, we have the responsibility to share some of the basic life skills like how to treat their friends and how to respect others.


This month is happened to be Ramadan for us ,Muslim around the world. In Ramadan of course ,we have to be able to not eat and drink. We have to also hold our burst emotion. Well, as a Kindergarten teacher, I too have no right what so ever to have explosive anger be thrown to our students (or I’ll have none soon :p ).But somehow Ramadan got me to share some of my personal values too.


I figure this might be a good opportunity for me to teach them about compassion towards others. I don’t tell them that this is a religious act or something as of course I’m not the person to be the one giving such an opinion. But I told them that so many people are living in poverty and cannot have what we have which i decent 3 times meal


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