United Colors of Collaborating Minds


Why I love being part of iTDi team.


On June 25, 2011 I received an email from Chuck sandy (@chucksandy) and Barbara Sakamoto (@barbsaka) asking whether I’d be interested in joining a collaboration writing called iTDi (international teachers’ development institute http://www.tdinstitute.com/ ). In the introductory letter they explain that this will provide place for teachers all over to achieve more.learn and share things in order to be a better teacher and improve the quality of English Education around the world. Well, I was stunned at the thought of being asked to come on board as I had no idea what they’ve seen in me! I said yes immediately with great enthusiasm though I was still confused on my part and how we’d do it.

Here then I ‘met’ many amazing people I’ve usually only met during #ELTChat and also around Twitter land. And just like me, all of them have something in common: The desire to be a part of a good collaboration that will hopefully change the face of English educator and education.

This team consist of amazing people like : Chiew pang (@acliltoclimb) , Christina Markoulaki (@christina_mark) , Vicky loras (@vickyloras) , Cecilia Lemos ( @CeciELT) and many more http://www.tdinstitute.com/eftcourse/eftTeam.html . And of course we are led by Chuck Sandy, Barbara Sakamoto and Katy cory-wright ( @kcorywright)

I gotta say I’m very thrilled of the thought of having them to work together with, cause they are all very dedicated to what they’re doing in term of educating. We all came from different background but we share the same passion of collaborating as working partners. Later on we also become friends as we share news, encouragement and support though we do it through internet world. We’re really are a unique group! I don’t know how but Barb,Chuck and Katy have somehow assembled people who can fit each other nicely, as if we’ve known each other in the real world before.

Or maybe……..just maybe, we did know each other in our previous life! ^_*

I was kind of worried at first on how we’re gonna get this work done with us being not only  so far away from each other but in different time zone too. Thank God for technology though! Chuck, Barb and Kate have made used of it very well! We could really write together with the help of google document and yahoo group. It’s amazing to me sometimes to see some of us writing on the module as I am also looking at it and then also write on it as if we were on the same room! One of my favorite parts is actually picking out my font color to write for. That may sounds childish but it sure is something that I love. I meant,seeing all those different colors in the same module is like seeing a rainbow! And it gets better when we can finally see how those colorful ideas will finally become one lovely piece of writing . That’s  the way the world is and that’s what we are: United Colors of progressive minds. For sure we are different but we do have the same passion and goal on why we are here.  We even sometimes also give comment to each other’s work. It sure is exciting to be able to contribute though the ocean is between us!

I was also very proud that many of my fellow iTDi were involved in the last Reform symposium www.reformsymposium.com (#RSCON3) on 29-31 July 2011 as keynote speakers and moderators. We also supported each other by attending each other’s presentation.  

In just a few months we have grown from people that were put together on a mission to a sort of United Nation of Curious and Progressive minds driven by positive force of collaborating. 

This September iTDi will  be launched . It’s gonna be an online portal that offers opportunities in developing teachers to build,energize and enhance their apporach in their classroom. Steven Herder, co-founder of iTDi has more to say on this on teaching village  http://www.teachingvillage.org/2011/06/03/teacher-development-2-0-by-steven-herder/

I hope this will be a good news for all Teachers out there. To know that we can work together no matter what. and as long as you believe it,there will always be a way for us to be better. 



One thought on “United Colors of Collaborating Minds

  1. Hi NaomiThank you for having the time to read this ^_^I’m glad the feeling is mutualvirtual hugs for you Icha

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