To finally love the Greens.

What is left from my guest post about dogme teaching in Montessori Kindergarten classroom.

Recently I wrote 3 blog posts for someone I proudly call a friend ; James taylor (@theteacherjames) about my project on applying the dogme teaching in my Kindergarten Montessori classroom.

I recently also talked about this on TeachMeet International  which was hosted by the beautiful Arjana Blazic (@abfromz) who is a fellow iTDi associates and the fabulous Bart Verswijvel (@BartVerswijvel)

What you might not know is that I owe the idea to James, Shaun Wilden (@Shaunwilden) and Barb sakamoto (@barbsaka) along with the rest of the #eltchat participants who kind of doctrinized me on what is the benefit on applying dogme teaching in a language classroom.

One thing I didn’t really mention on my guest posts on the teacher James’s blog was how to apply them. There are 3 things needed to be done to have dogme collaborating with Montessori’s way in my classroom.

  1. Prepared environment: As Dogme is about teaching unplugged; I made sure that everything was prepared along with my lessons. As I chose to apply it during my Vegetables lesson, I set up my classroom to support it. I brought all fresh vegetables in classroom, having booths for my students to explore during discovery time and basically used vegetables as my teaching tools.
  2. Personalized worksheet : We all know that in Dogme, workbooks are never the highlight, so this was what I did too. We didn’t use books but as I still had to give them some sort of written exercise, I made my own worksheet based on the vegetables topic.
  3. Interactivity: This is the main course actually as Dogme teaching is about communicative learning. So I tried to engage in as many two ways conversation with my students as I can during presentation time. Because usually they would just watch me present my material, but this time I included them in the process as I let them commented or asking questions in the middle of the presentations.

So, those were my basic points on having Dogme in my Montessori classroom.  I’d sure like to try to apply it again in my class because I could see that it can work well with the right preparation. But then again, all lesson needs to be prepared well, right?

Thanks again for everyone who has been my inspiration on doing this. It’s been fun and this is what I love from #Eltchat and what PLN is all about. 

Aza aza Growing! 



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