The Roller coaster no 2011

my Life in 365 days


Wow! I cannot believe that 2011 is almost over! This year brings me one of the greatest roller coaster ride in my life! and if you know me, you know that I love roller coaster, as well as my life!


I have grown so much as a person as well as a teacher this year, as I experienced many things.

  1. I started to regularly join #eltchat this year which has given me so much to make me always want to learn more and be a better teacher.
  2. I started this blog; Gotta thank #eltchat too for that, because really if it hasn’t been for it, I would never have the courage to start writing.
  3. Joining the iTDi’s family. this has been one of the greatest highlight of not only my career but also my life! Still cannot believe they see me as worthy enough to be involved!
  4. Knowing and networking with great PLN I meet on Twitter and Facebook. Some of them even become my good friends now! Wow! Isn’t technology rocks?
  5. Embracing the challenge of trying out dogme in my Montessori Kindergarten classroom. 
  6. Taking part of #TeachMeet Webinar. I was nervous to the bone! Good thing it was only 3 minutes, If it were 30 minutes, I’d probably got a heart attack! lol


I can’t say that it’s all always been a fun ride, as in roller coaster you need to go sliding down and feel the fall. I had few down moments too; mostly in my personal life; Losing a family member, experiencing my heart broken to pieces in the most awful way, the accident of my Papa and dear sister and my health issues in early 2011. Those has caused lots of griefs and tears but thankfully they didn’t take my aza aza fighthing way! ^_^

And as in any storm, I discover a rainbow in form of many good friends all around the world who have kept me sane and helped me make it through . I have no idea why I deserve them but so glad I have them. I guess my karma is working nicely after all. 😉

So, I’d like to thank great ELT people like Barbara, Marisa, Vicky, Ania, Anna, Ken, Cherry, Noor, Arjana, James, my iTDi’s family and David W along with some personal friends of mine; David S, Shane, Graham, Allan, Farzana, Vi, Xandra, Uline, Marlene and many more who have made my 2011’s smiles stay still through it all. So blessed to have you in my life!

And guess what? I’m so not afraid of 2012 with all the rumors around it! Cause I know I can always count on my ‘aza aza’ spirit to make it shines!

Happy New Year guys! Keep on rocking!


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