A little more on Indonesia’s education


a glimpse of my school

Recently I did a guest post on Elinda Gjondedaj’s blog ( http://magicineducation.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/schools-from-around-the-world-education-in-indonesia-via-yitza_sarwono/ )  that got me realize something, that my beloved country has got more than what I’ve written! So, here I try to pour what’s more on my mind about it.

Indonesia is a multicultural country. We are made of many ethnics, cultures, races and religions. Our government here embraces all the differences as we celebrate many special days. From the religious ones, all the way to the national days.

Our school is embracing the tradition on celebrating almost all the big holiday. Since our students are also come from various backgrounds, we like to introduce our rich culture to our students. This will be a one of a good education for them too. To respect others and making them feel like they are belong to this one beautiful community.

The two biggest religions festive seasons in Indonesia are Lebaran or Eid Mubarak and Christmas. And of course we celebrate those two events in school. It is amazing how parents and students are excited to celebrate them even when it’s not their own religious holiday. We will introduce them to the holiday but without trying to push them on one belief. This is exactly what we want them to learn, that no matter their beliefs are, they are part of his school and we don’t see any of them by where they go to pray.

Aside from that we also celebrate their difference in the richness of their culture and races. That’s why we also celebrate Chinese lunar new year and Kartini’s day (which is a celebration of our heritage). In Kartini day, children dress in our traditional costume from their native land. I love this day as all parents will try so hard to make their children look their best! And then we’re going to sing Indonesian traditional and national songs.

Whenever I see my students playing together in the indoor or outdoor playground or during Gym time, I can’t help myself but feeling so proud and happy that they are able to appreciate their differences and seem not to notice that they come from different background. The last time we went on a field trip to Sea World Indonesia, my class walked together through all the journey; talking, chatting, seeing the sea creatures and even taking the boat ride on the open sea together as one unit!

I know that all school in Indonesia are embracing this way too, to teach their students to love our country and all the people in it no matter what their backgrounds are. And our government even has put the character building as one of the main aspect in our teaching plan.

So there it is; Indonesia, one big box of colorful crayons! And I’m so proud to be a part of what makes the next generation proud of our diversity.

Aza aza Colorful!



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