Having fun with the theme

I have to admit I was very disappointed to have missed #teachmeet, but I do know that it was inevitable with the whole poor connection and my tight schedule. So supposed I had performed my micro presentation, this is what it would look like J 

Children are visual. It is easier for them to learn when they can see the real object, to feel and to touch. And that has been our motto; To teach from concrete to abstract concept. That way they can grasp the lesson more than just memorizing them. That is why we use things like short beads stairs, golden beads or small number rods to count in math or sand paper letters and small moveable and Large movable alphabet to learn to read and write and so on.

One thing we’ve been doing here is having a topic on our teaching. As English is the language that we use here, we are obliged to teach new vocabulary to our children each week. But introducing them to new vocabulary can be a challenging one cause not only they have to be introduced to new words in English , they need to know the things too as most of them sometimes aren’t familiar with the words nor the things, for example when we’re talking about Fire Station, most of my students have never seen a fire extinguisher or seeing a fireman before. Or during our Train topic. I found out that most of them have never ridden one. So it can made the introducing part a bit difficult. So what we are trying to do here is wrapping the topic with a theme, surrounding ourselves with the theme during our teaching in hope that by the end of the week, they have learnt more than just new vocabulary , they have learnt new experience.

One of the thing we can work on is the art project. We try to make our art project to be related to our theme, like making hot air balloon for our Airport topic or Fire extinguisher for our Fire station topic.


Other thing that I have always loved doing is the drama play thing. I believe the whole experience over the topic can be taught here. So I’ve always planned the drama play to at least match the whole experience. Like during the Bank topic, I had them going to a Bank, fill in the saving form, lining up to meet the teller then had their saving book stamped by the teller. We even made our own passport and aeroplane tickets for our airport drama play. Or during the fire station topic, I dressed them in fireman’s outfit and with the fire extinguisher that they have made on their own before, tried to put out a fire. This also has given them the idea on what is the purpose of a fire extinguisher.

During math, we use objects from our topic to count, like using matches box for them to count during Fire station week or small toy bus during our bus station topic. Or here we have shells to be used on explaining tens and units during seaport topic.


All in all, I’ve found that the theme is working when I see them playing arounf the playground. My class usually has a theme for they playtime too. After we had fire drill as our drama during the fire station week, I found them playing it over and over again, to the point that it got one parent a bit shocked cause they were all shouting ‘Fire’ but also remembering to walk out the building in order and not running. That parent told me that he thought they were for real! Or lately I’ve noticed they like to have hospital as their playground theme, complete with having ambulance , injection and a worried mother taking the child to the doctor! (this one, i didn’t teach them though). So I’m so happy to see that not only they are introduced to new vocabulary that they can use very well in their playtime, they also have got the idea on the topic given. And to me this is rewarding