Learning at home (?)

Recently, during  Parents / Teachers’ meeting s, I have been asked by a mother about how Montessori can bebased on curriculum. She seems to think that it is a bit strange to have an educational system based on everyday life. I smiled at her thought, but I could relate to that. It’s exactly how I used to think so too. Maybe it’s the culture thing too, to believe that education should be something serious and far from home. That it is something to be done in a special place, certainly not at home. 

Montessori is relatively new for parents in Indonesia. We are very accustomed to the classical environment of teaching where teacher is the central to the lesson. And most are still believe that the learning process is supposed to involve sitting in a classroom, workbook, test etc. That is why when it parents seeing children doing practical life activity in a classroom and actually being observed on it, it can be a bit strange sometimes, and I do understand that.

Strangely, we have been said that education should start at home, yet not many realize that it is more than just a saying. More than just moral lesson, the introduction to writing, reading and math can be easily performed at home. And that is why in Montessori we have a Practical Life section. 

Children like to play, and they absolutely love to copy what their parents are doing around the house. This could be a great way to teach them the basics of writing and math. 

Cleaning a table is a fun way to teach them to draw a circle for the basis of writing letters like ‘C’, ‘O’ ,’P’ etc. By making circular moves, we have taught them the core of their writing skills. Or during cleaning windows, the line pattern we make using the rubber squeegee on the window can help them in making straight lines.

Pouring water from a jug to a glass  can also be a good exercise for concentration and early math. Because when we ask them to pour it to a certain point on the glass, they will start to grasp the concept of measuring. Having a rote counting when you ask them to take something from the table like spoons or napkins are also good way to introduce math. 

The thing is we should not limit the chance for them to learn. Because more than just the introduction to reading, writing or math, having our children to perform variety of practical life around the house is also a good way for parents to bond with their kids and produce a happy environment for them. Make our house as a place for practical life and our children shall be bright ones.

ps: I shall write more about learning at home here soon 🙂



One thought on “Learning at home (?)

  1. Thank you for this!I have a lot of experience where parents of my students think that just because they have put their child in an expensive school that all their obligation to nurture them goes to the school. So I’m trying to spread the awareness that parents can actually do it at home too with the right kind of apporach. So thank you for taking time and read this 🙂

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