My two favorite gifts

I just had my birthday. Yup, May 9 is the day I was born. Well, I’m not one of those fun party people, so I usually celebrate it with my close friends and family. Eating out or going to the mall 😀

However this year I feel like I’m having a huge celebration! Cause aside from the wonderful wishes, the beatiful presents I’m getting from people around me plus millions of kisses from my students , I’ve got 2 beautiful gifts!

1 . The ETAS journal with my article in it has finally arrived! Thanks to Vicky Loras ( @vickyloras ), Ceres Pioquinto and James Taylor ( @theteacherjames ). It was my first time ever to have something I wrote printed anywhere, so not only was I thrilled, I was flying to the moon! The feeling of seeing my name written there is pretty awesome. It wasn’t that easy actually. Ceres had me rewrite and put more information in it. I was so glad that she as well as Vicky were very patient toward me. I couldn’t do it without them!




2 . James Taylor published the uncut version of my interview with Vicky Loras on #ELTChat podcast.

I honestly thought I sounded squeaky and kind of (excuse my language) smart ass by saying ‘you know’ all the time, but I was seriously nervous when Vicky called me that day. I remember I was just coming back to school from swimming activity. I did have an appointment with Vicky but I was a bit late because one of my student needed to be accompannied as her parents were late. So I wasn’t really ready for it. But hearing my voice like that, especially after James has put his great mind on it, is incredible.

This year I feel very lucky and blessed! Having -finally- learnt how to dive in the open water, spending a great holiday in Sri Lanka. Planning a trip to see the Emirates stadium and touring London (if my visa is accepted-crossing my fingers) and this 50 years reunion of my highschool. I have so much to look forward to. Thank you everyone for all the Birthday wishes on my FB, twitter, YM, Gtalk, Whatsapp, Skype, the messaging and the call. I’m beyond happy to have you all in my life! Here’s to another year of beautiful moments!

Aza Aza Optimistic!






One thought on “My two favorite gifts

  1. I just realized that you wrote that article!!Great job 🙂 I read it, of course, and hope to read more from you in the ETAS Journal, maybe even about your experiences on this course??It seems we are connected in more than one way.We are building networks in a global world of English teachers!!

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