Playing with Voice Thread

Hello everyone!

Many apologies for keeping this page kind of lonely for quite some times. Not that I’m giving up on blogging but since I’ve been busy managing my class’s blog

I’ve set up this class blog after joining yet another brilliant online course on Educational Blogging for young learners moderated by Barbara Sakamoto, Jennifer Verschoor, and Illya Arnet.

Anyway me and my students have also been playing around with Voice thread and we found it to be extremely fun! I’ve actually got the idea after talking to Anne-Maree Moore who was so helpful and inspiring!


Look at us! recording for the Voice thread

So, this is the link and of course you are more than welcome to join our little game. Don’t hesitate to comment on one of my students, or even all of them 🙂

Okay then, we will be looking forward to your participation!