ELT Conference and Jelta establishment in Jakarta

My first talk ever!


me on stage

September 1st 2012 will be one of the memorable day of my life! It started out when I got an invitation on my Facebook from Jelta Edu https://www.facebook.com/jelta.edu to attend their ELT Conference and Jelta establishment. I noticed that they’re calling papers to be presented on the event. I wrote to them asking whether a simple Kindergarten teacher like me could participate. To my surprise Parlin Pardede https://www.facebook.com/parlin.pardede , the Chairman of the event wrote back and said that he’d be waiting for mine! So I dashed off to my computer, re-write ‘Applying Dogme teaching in Montessori Kindergarten class’ to be fit for their request. I have to be thankful that James Taylor ( @theteacherjames) and Vicky Loras (@vickyloras) have given approval for me on presenting this material, given the fact that it has been featured on their media.

Well, though the writing part was difficult (the commite had actually asked me to re-write it twice for it hadn’t live up to their standard -I learnt a lot from this-), the preparation was even harder! Between teaching, setting up iTDi’s promotion on the event, arranging Eid Mubarak’s Celebration in school (where I had to cook Ketupat and Opor) and arranging Barbara’s accomodation, I probably only had about 4 days to prepare for my slides and talk! But I wasn’t gonna back out of course, I do find myself working harder and feel more driven when I’m working with tight deadline! So , I was pumped and excited about the D day!

I used every spare minutes I had to plan and memorize what I wanted to talk on the conference. My only comfort was the fact that I was just going to talk on parallel session, so I should be in a small room with small number of audience too. So I felt quite sure that I could handle it, I mean, I’m going to treat them as my class 😉

But a day before the presentation,I got cold feet! Especially knowing that Barb’s gonna be in the the Conference too! So I made small notes that turned out to be not such a small one after all; 6 pages of summary in 6 small papers! I carried them around and read it. I didn’t even care that I looked like a fool reading it out loud and practicing my talk at the airport while waiting for Barb, Adi and Dave. And boy did I choke when I found out that I was going to present in the Auditorium! That’s like the main venue! That’s it! I might as well dig a hole and bury myself there for I would sure be stutter on stage!


my cold feet! 😛

Well, I sure am not a quitter so I swallowed my fear and just put my ‘Aza Aza’ mantra to my head!

That day, Saturday September 1st 2012 on UKI, when I was called to present, I braced my self and got up on that big stage to talk. I had my notes with me but when I got up there, I got so nervous that the pages were mixed! So the next best thing I could do, was putting down my notes and started talking! I was very nervous to the bones that my spine was even cold! But then I saw smiles coming from Barb (@barbsaka), Marlene (@Macgyvelene) and Trika (@miss_Trika) and felt very relax. Amazingly, words started coming out of my mouth as I explained about what I did in my classroom to apply the Dogme teaching practice.


I have to admit that after a while I started to enjoy myself and didn’t see everyone there as strangers. I saw them as my friends, and that I simply was sharing my experience with good friends! I messed up a lot though, especially on grammar part and for sure I talked quite fast for people who weren’t used to hear me talking. But all in all, I felt pretty good about everything. I remember having this song playing in my head when I got down the stage. 

And surprisingly, no matter how I messy my talk was in my opinion, Barb, Marlene and Trika gave me a big tight hug and smile! I know I must have done something to get them to do that, so I suppose I wasn’t that bad after all 😉


I love these ladies!

So, yes! I think I’ve nailed it ^_^

And for sure this wasn’t gonna be my only presentation ever! I have so many to share now. And I must admit , this has actually encouraged me to work harder and try harder so I could come up with new experiences and share them with my fellow Kindergarten teachers! I feel so motivated to share and help as many teachers as I can now. And believe that all teachers are the same, whether you’re teaching kindergarten, highschool, in your home to your neighbour or in a big international school.

Thank you UKI and Jelta for giving me the platform to do so 🙂

So, Aza Aza Achieving!