Happy Teacher , My story ^_^

Tell me what’s yours

When I woke up this morning, I had an amazing feeling running through my vein! It’s like the sky is brighter and The air is fresher. Well, I know it’s Friday so I can really smell weekend around the corner already, but something is differently nice and I don’t know what it is. Could it be because my Japan trip is coming? Or did I just have a really good sleep last night?

Then I saw my twitter and realized why I’d felt like walking on sunshine, it’s the International Teachers day today!  Yeay!

So, is it really in my blood, this love of being a teacher, that I could even feel the day? I have no idea, but glad I am feeling awesome on this special day.

Being teacher really is something that came to me without realizing it. I mean, I come from a long line of teaching as a profession in my family. I have cousins who are headmaster, economy teacher, science teacher, english teacher along with my uncle and aunt who were also working as teacher. Even my late grandmother used to teach in all girls’ school. So yeah, it runs in the family………………..

But I feel like I become one because I have this sort of informative sense in my personality! I meant when I was in school I had this need to always be the one people come to for some information. I hated it when I didn’t know the answer to something. It literally drove me crazy! Maybe that’s why tutoring my friends was something I enjoyed doing, because then I got to be the one giving them all the they needed to know on something.  On my Drumband I also loved playing mentor to all new members, even when I was only joining for a year and still pretty awful at playing my snare drum, I still loved helping and making sure they got it right.

My 1st paid job ever was of course tutoring my friends in English during my junior high. And I also made money helping my Drumband coaches trained a junior high’s Drum band . But even then I didn’t think I was gonna be a teacher. I loved teaching and sharing but didn’t see it as my goal for future.

Until I was given 2 choices. Didn’t really remember how but I landed 2 jobs at the same time. I was accepted as an English teacher and a broker. So during those  training days I had to traveled half way across the city to make both of them. I had a blast actually doing them both, until I had to choose between one . My Mama told me that she couldn’t see me as someone other than a giver so she said I should choose this teaching job, beside this Company who would hire me as their broker only want me because I had a better English than the rest of the applicants, not because I was good at it (at least that’s what I thought), so I made my choice and have been happy ever since!

I have been teaching English since 2001 to a wide range of students. From children to teenagers, even Mothers  and Working people . And man do I have thousands of stories! 😉 I had good days and awful days, nice students and challenging ones, great lessons to the ones I wish I could just dissapear into the floor. I had led teams of teachers that had also given me many experiences.  I even had a moment when I really wanted to leave this teaching business because I just couldn’t handle all the politics around the business ( I’ve never known there was one until that time actually). But just when I was ready to give up, I found my calling : Teaching Young Learners!

I took the job as Montessori Kindergarten teacher merely because the school is quite near to my house and I felt  challenged to learn more about the method. And I have to admit I’ve been finding it very interesting and mind engaging as the method surrounds itself on the object which is the students! Oh I could just blabber about it ( I think I had in many occasion 😀 ), but the point is I have found my true calling all over again: Being a teacher and for once actually proud of it! I have always been happy as one but not so much in having a pride on my selection of career. I do now though! Everyday I get up with excitement for I will meet my bliss; My students! They have given me more that I could have possibly imagine. I am so lucky to be their teachers



I must thank the Internet and Twitter too for taking part in my growing. If it wasn’t for Twitter, I would never have known,  friended and met great teachers like Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Vicky Loras, James Taylor, Anna Musielak Kubecka, Arjana Blazic, Mari Yamauchi,Shelly Terrell, Ibu Itje Chodijah, Adi  Cerman and many more that I could not mention here. You guys have been my source of inspirations.

So today is Teachers’ day, Let’s celebrate by saying how happy we are as one.

I’ll start : 

I am so happy, comfortable and proud to say I am a Kindergarten Teacher!

Aza Aza Teachers!


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