My lovely class!

and how I miss them


(top : Nadine, Emeral, Aliffa & Keshia. bottom: Daniel, Padma, and Lavinia)


I’ve been teaching for years. And when you’re a teacher, you’ll always have stories to tell about your class, lesson or the students in it. One or all of them could drive you to come to work smiling everyday, give your best and make your days!

At the moment I’m teaching a K2 class in a small Kindergarten. I only have 7 students. That is maybe why I’m so attached to them. And this holiday season I miss them a lot! I tweeted about it and then Naomi (@naomishema) gave me the brilliant idea! She said I should write a post about them! So…here goes J

3 out of my 7 students have been with me since they were 3 years old. They are Aliffa, Daniel and Padma. Keshia and Emeral joined the following years, then followed by Lavinia and Nadine.

Aliffa is one smart girl! She was the first one who embraced English and practiced it in the classroom. As she loved to lead around, pretty soon all of her classmates began to speak English too! She loves reading and has a very good comprehension over everything that she has read. She goes to school wearing hijab, not because she comes from a moslem family but because she asked for it! I find it amazing that someone her age (4 years old when she 1st decided that she wanted to wear it) has been able to make such a decision, a lot of time she does look and sounds older than her real age. But she can be such a baby too! Every morning during gym time, she always asks to sit on my lap, then hugs me while telling story about her days. One thing about Aliffa; She doesn’t like winning or losing, she feels that everyone should win together and live happily ever after!

Daniel is the only boy in class. Sometimese h feels a bit left out when the girls start to play Princess or Barbie during play time, but there are times when he would join in, if they let him play the king’s role 😉 Daniel has a very good grammar for a 5 years old. He knows how to use V1 or V2 on conversation. Daniel is a bit choosy on his food though and he doesn’t eat as many as his friends. I have to come out with many ways to get him to eat a lot. He is very good at logic and loves questioning everything, that’s why I always prepare myself to answer all of his curiosity. Everyday he kisses me on both of my cheeks and forehead and gives me a tight hug before he goes home.

Padma is a shy girl. She is Hindunese so I feel guilty sometimes that we can’t provide her with religion lesson the way her friends are, but both her and her parents don’t mind it. Hindunese has a lot of celebrations and festives so she misses school quite a lot for them. She is a very sweet girl! Always sits nicely and listens to me. She doesn’t really like competition though, she is always afraid of losing. It took me a while to make her see that winning and losing is a part of everyday’s life and it’s okay. Surprisingly though looks very shy, but when she is asked to step to the challenge she will rise to the occassion! Last year I had to lose Aliffa during school’s musical because she had to go to Singapore, but when I asked Padma to take her role, she could actually do it nicely! And she wasn’t even nervous on the stage! Another thing I love about Padma is her hair! She has the most beautiful hair in my class J

Keshia is the darling of the class! Even every teachers in my school love her! She is this tiny girl with a big impact! The way she bursts in to the schol everyday reminds me of Kramer from Seinfeld! She would push the glass door with both hands until it’s wide open then stand there grinning from ear to ear before saying “good morning Ms. Icha”. She loves attention and knows how to get it! I put a lot of effort in her to not only making her love phonics, reading and writing, but also to make her do things on her own, because unlike other kids, when she first joined my class, she had a nanny waiting for her in the classroom and provided her with anything she needed. Now she even rejects the offer of having a nanny in her house! She still very clumsy and playful but now she has no longer avoiding phonics or reading and is quite independent and can do things on her own.

Emeral is the ideal student for every teacher. She is a very smart girl with a very sweet attitude. She will obey the teacher, listen to everything and do exactly what she is told! But she is also very quiet. It took me 3 months to get her to talk to me about things beyond the lesson. It takes her 9 months before she wants to play with other class and a year before she finally wants to join singing and dancing during gym time. Emeral can only be her self in a private trusted environment; our classroom. She has a photographic memory & can recall a lot of specific things correctly! And when she is among her classmates, she is a very cheerful and reliable friends! Lately she started to feel comfortable playing with K1 class. She also always kisses me on the cheek everyday and hugs me. Whenever I miss school, she would ask her mom to call me to know how I am doing.

Vini is the youngest in our class. She is this lovely girl who always smiles and is loved by her friends. My only worry when she first joined my class was the fact that she always copied her friends, that she didn’t have her own identity. It seemed like she was afraid her friends would hate her if she had an opinion. I worked hard to make her came out of her shell. Whenever we had to choose something, I’d ask her first. I made her choose and came out with a decision. After almost a year, I’m amazed to see her finally said “no” to her friends when they asked her to play something she didn’t like. Vini is also a dream daughter for every mom, because not only that she’s pretty and obedient, she will eat everything her mama prepares for her! She always eats everything I cook for her too! Oh, she spent her early years in Singapore so when she first joined our class, we had a little trouble figuring out what she said, because her accent was a bit different from us, but now, we understand her completely J

Nadine is the newest addition to the class. Her father comes from Africa so he speaks french, her mama is an Indonesian. So for a while, Nadine struggled with the language as we all have been speaking English and she had to catch up. But I love the fact that she is very confident that she has never let it stop her from playing with her classmates. And she is one independent and helpful girl! I have never seen a 5 years old who would jump and get things for me without being asked to, just to help me out! Once she even did the dishes! She is very good at math and writing! Her handwriting looks as if she were already a Primary school student! Nadine is a very tidy person, she would clean up after everything and place them where they belong! She reminds me of Monica from Friends 😉 One thing that worries me though, Nadine loves to climb! From bookshelf to the t
op of the slide on the playground! This girl has no fear! Her mom even told me that they put a camera in her room so they could see what she’s doing in it because once she climbed the stairs and fell down. Now, she doesn’t look so much like Monica if you think of it 😀

So, those are my beloved students. And Now I miss them even more! But knowing that they’re having a good time on their holiday makes it worthwhile. I’ll be seeing you pretty soon class!




One thought on “My lovely class!

  1. Hi NaomiThanks for inspiring me :-)I teach them 20 hours/week, so I get to spend a lot of time with them. And I pretty much teach them everything, from math, language up to S.E and P.E. So yeah, I know them quite well.Thanks again for everything!HugsIcha

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