A flashback of my 2012

The good, the bad and the exciting moments


Some of the amazing people I’ve met in 2012

I’ve always been such an optimist person. But 2012 has sure given me a lot that I could ever imagined. I think I’ve been blessed with a lot of good things for a small little girl like me. My Karma must have been working out well.

One of the highlight of the year has got to be me bracing myself to present in a conference! I have to admit, that since I presented on Teachmeet, I have grown some confidence, but of course talking online (where you practically sitting on the comfort of your own home) with talking in front of live audience is not the same! I’ve learnt a lot from both platforms though. One thing for sure, I still need to work on my speed and pronuncitaton because I tend to speak faster and very unclear when I’m nervous. I know people said that you could imagine your audience to be on their underwear to make you feel safer, but trust me, that didn’t work for me! I was even more freaking out! But I’ve learnt that familiar faces among the crowd could help you out through the presentation, and I’m just so lucky to always have several friends among the crowd. 

Another thing that has made my 2012 rocks is of course my class! I love the fact that my students are very openminded and excited about embracing a lot of things I’ve offered them! We had a lot of projects together. From Skype session to schools in Australia, Animoto, making comics, Voicethread and the recent one was having our class recorded on video. In fact my class have always been part of my source of presentation. Indeed they are my inspiration!

Aside from my professional life, I’ve been blessed with good things on personal level too! The most exciting thing was to finally learn to dive! It has been my dream to go under the blue water ever since I snorkelled in Bunaken back in 2010. So I was very happy to finally do it! It wasn’t easy and I had doubt myself actually, but with perseverence and determination that I wouldn’t waste the chance I was given, I braced myself. I learnt a lot too during my diving; that nature is one strong element and we must respect it. I also learnt that composure is needed to go underwater because your life could depend on it. And of course I also learnt about how to put on BCD, check your O2 etc. I’d love to dive some more in 2013. Crossing my fingers for it!

It wasn’t always sunshine in 2012 for me though. I’ve lost 2 uncles this year and my cousin is still battling with tongue cancer at the moment which of course breaks my heart. I was involved in a motorcycle accident and my UK trip was canceled due to Visa thing. And I lost my dear kitten in a very tragic way. 

But I know I am still showered with good things. Last but not least of course the traveling and all the amazing people I have come across along 2012. I’ve been very fortunate to have met some of the people that have inspired me in person. But I’m also happy that I could connect with a lot of people online and it’s still feel like we’ve met face to face! And I thank technology for that! I am aware now that a relationship and friendship can not be limited by how often you see each other.I love that fact and I love my life for it!


some of the incredible people that have inspired me

 With all those that have been parading my 2012, I’m very excited about 2013! Bring it on for I am here to rock!

Aza Aza Achieving!



3 thoughts on “A flashback of my 2012

  1. Hi Tyson!Wow, thanks so much for reading and commenting on my little blog. I hope to have another great year for sure, and so happy to have connected with you here and there.Icha

  2. I’d love to hear more about your experiences Skyping classes in Australia. How did the practical and technological constraints affect it. That kind of thing. I’ve trying to encourage local teachers to experiment with this technology without much success. Since I don’t have regular classes of my own, it’s rather difficult to test it out myself. I wrote about this earlier this year, there are two posts in the series: http://kangguru.me/2013/03/the-bule-assignment/ and http://kangguru.me/2013/03/hi-tech-low-cost-bule-assignments/

    • Well, we actually had planned the event for around 2 weeks before so I had prepared my students to communicate with the Australian class. The only problem was the accent, for both part. My class was 5 years old back then so We tried not to involve to much technology

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