Wordling up!

Using Wordle in a Kindergarten classroom

I have always loved learning new things and the apply them in my class. And I love the fact that my class has always been opened to try new things too. As I follow Ozge on Twitter  and her blog www.ozgekaraoglu.edublogs.org I’ve learnt a lot of new tools to be used in the class from her.

This term I decided to try http://www.wordle.net/ in my class. I learnt that some of my students don’t really like phonics, building words and reading, so I try to use Wordle in one of our session. After we learnt a set of words, I asked them to write them up using Wordle. At first some of them didn’t really like it as the keyboard on the computer is different from the ones we use in Montessori. But once they have seen the outcome, they actually love it so much! They enjoy choosing colors, font and the layout.


This application has actually helped me in the classroom, as it made my students excited about learning new set of words, becuase they want to type them in Wordle. Here are the results of our 1st trial


I love it when an application works and actually helps the lesson. I would love to try some more for sure!