Cool things that happened to little Icha (yesterday and today)

I just happened to check my twitter when I saw Tyson Seburn (@seburnt) retweeting Mike’s blog (@michaelegriffin) post . So, I thought I took on the challenge and here goes….

  1. Just found out that during daily greetings yesterday that my class love reptiles! We had a field trip that also included a visit to a small reptiles park and we had fun playing with them. And amazingly during our talk, they admitted of no longer afraid of snake! We played with this huge albino phyton during the field trip and to see me actually having a blast with the snake has got my students to chase away their fear and in return loving the experience. Nadine’s mom has actually offered whether she would like to have a snake as her pet! 😀
  2. I went to a meeting with Adi Cerman from VIE Foundation and Ibu Sisilia from UI about iTDi’s taking part in TEFLIN next August. Oh and guess what? I actually mention Mike’s interest to submit a presentation there (Mike, you did say you love the theme and seriously thought about doing a workshop there 😉 ). It’s so cool for me to meet and talk with people who inspires you to do and be more!
  3. I managed to keep walking and not stopping at a huge sale happening in the mall where I had that meeting. Okay , that may sound lame. But to me, to actually walk off from  50% and 70% discount shoes is not an easy thing to do. So I’m proud of myself 😀
  4. I managed to read and edit all of my teachers’ comment for students report books in a public transportation. I took 3 bus to go to the meeting spot and had to stand on the last bus but was still able to finish the job. Please don’t ask about my handwriting though, that’s a different story. But at least I didn’t hear my teachers complain about it when I handed them back 😉
  5. I watched American Horror Story marathon all alone last night! I’m not a huge fan of horror film, so to see them on my own on Thursday night was kind of cool for me . I got the cardio exercise too from all of the gasping I did during the series 😛
  6. I took my students on a small field trip to a supermarket. We’re learning about Mall this week, so I thought that having my students to experience a little grocery shoppping might be a good for them. And it was a blast! They had fund right from the start! I had to give them rules on things they’re allowed to buy because otherwise they would’ve gone for candy and chips. It was so cool to see them making desicion on things to buy, walked to the cashier to pay, handed down the money and then took their plastic bag with a proud smile, knowing that they had done it all by themselves! Oh and they actually amazed a lot of people in the supermarket for their fluency in English!  But too bad all of the photos are in school camera so I couldn’t upload them now, but I’ll be sure to do that first thing on Monday.
  7. I finally leave  school on time! I usually arrive the first in school and leave the latest, unless I have a meeting where I’d have to leave school early too. But today as I promised my sister to watch a movie, I went home at 3 pm! Even my teachers were surprised to see me leaving on time! 😀
  8. I tried Durian Mochi for the first time! One of my student brought it and she said that her mom wanted me to try it. As a durian lover, I found it very interesting how the sticky rice collaborate with the significant smell and taste of durian.
  9. I have found a new set of pictures to paint on our glass door next week! I’m going to have 4 seasons painted on the door. Also a new recipe to cook in the class next tuesday, where I’ll be cooking something from Anna Olson’s show. You’re going to have to wait to see the result of these two things though

And as I listed down my cool things, I realize how great life has been treating me. So thanks for the challenge Mike! You’re another cool thing that happens to my life! Aza aza grateful!


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