iTDi day Indonesia 2013


And how smartphones unite us all! 🙂

It was all started last February, after The Global Teacher Development Program. I met a lot of incredible teachers who were not just passionate about education in Indonesia but also eager and willing to do more! So when iTDi planned the first iTDi day, I thought about having all those people I’ve met to come on board and help me out. As a lot of Indonesian, we all have smartphones. So I thought I chose one of the application there as our based since all of us live far away from each other and have our own activity. So, I set up an iTDi Indonesia group on whatsapp and gathered all the amazing people I met in February to come and help me with the planning.

We did have around 3 face to face meetings for those who live around Jakarta, but most of the plan were done through chat room. I sent out emails to everyone to let them know about our progress also to summarize every meeting that we had. The fun part was of course that the talk could go on all day and night on the chat room and everyone could see what’s going on. The difficult part was for sure trying to track down all the chat! I’ve found a cool way though, by emailing the chat to me daily so it is easier rather than scrolling the screen on my phone.

It was pretty clear that the event would never happened without all the dedicated member of our team! From ordering pens, bags to banner, everything was consulted online. I had everyone sending me details via whatsapp or email before approving them. It was in a way very cool to be able to be connected to everyone though we didn’t get to see each other.

And then Friday the 17th came. Everyone finally gathered in Jakarta, ready for the day! I finally got to see every person in the team! The coolest thing was , though to most of us it’s the first time ever to see each other in a flesh, we got along very well! From the hustle and bustle of the preparation that made some of the girls stayed up until 2.30 am to the frantic moment in the morning on the 18th caused by the printer. We survived them all! I really couldn’t believe how we finally pulled this off! And guess what? though the team was dominated by girls, you would never hear them arguing about anything at all! It’s like everyone has fully understood their task and did it with their heart! It’s kind of amazing knowing that we planned things through   a chat app mostly! I had few people who couldn’t believe that this was the first time we actually gathered in the same room!

So I guess the saying is true : “TEAM=Together Everyone Achieve More”

And that really defines the power of online community that we on iTDi tries to send through.

Aza Aza Collaboration!

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