Planting beautiful words

Using Language Garden in our classImage



I’ve been admiring the work of David Warr for a while. I’ve also been trying to find a way to use his application: Language Garden in my class. The problem is, I don’t really know how.

Last April I had a chance to talk to David via Skype and I told him about me wanting to use Language Garden in my class. He was so kind and gave me an access to use his application. Not only that, he also gave some ideas on how to do it in my Kindergarten classroom.

So, I’ve decided to use this application in my classroom, which would also be the last project I would have with my K2 class before they graduate. One thing I love about my class is that they always eager to learn new things so I know I wouldn’t have problem with this too.

So I chose week 9 of our term 4 to perform it. We were learing about “Clothes” so after I taught them words related to the topic along with the grammar that we’re going to use, we started planting our language garden.

My students loved the idea that they could bend the words to certain shapes. It was so fun watching them curving nouns and adjective here and there. I did have to help them with choosing the right color according to the type of words we’re using, but my students were able to type and create their own plants.


Aside from creating our own plants, we also did the level 1 where we could play with colors’ puzzle and colors the nouns and adjective.ImageImageImageImageImage

I am so happy that not only my students love the activities but they could actually learn something from it too.

This has been a great project to end our years together, and though I am very sad to lose my class, I know that I have tried my best to make their learning fun and get them to try new things beyond our daily lesson. I do believe that even Kindergarten students could do things beyond the expectation if we are willing to guide them but still allow them to be their own self.

I’d likes to thank David Warr for such an incredible tools and for allowing me to try it in my class. Purple hugs from my class to you Sir!



7 thoughts on “Planting beautiful words

  1. Hi Icha

    I loved reading this, and seeing the pictures of the children working on their little laptops. Lovely stuff 🙂 Say hello to everyone from me, please.


    • Thanks. The sad part is that in just 5 days they are going to graduate and leave me. But I do love them so much and thankful for the chance to be their teacher. Our favorite activity was coloring the noun and adjective with blue or green. They laughed so hard from excitement doing that because I gave extra weird sound when they made a mistake in choosing 🙂
      Again, thanks for the lovely tools

  2. What a great post,Icha!
    Your students look enjoy playing it^^
    Thank for sharing this idea..Tell me how to use this tools,please^^ then I’ll try it with my students:)
    Icha..You’re their amazing teacher, you’ve done your best for them. They love you so much. emmm… Get ready to welcome your new students after holiday^^

    Ika Squid

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