And sadness is the lesson.

I lost my husband 100 days ago.

No! I didn’t just lose my husband that day, I lost just about everything. Peter was more than just the love of my life. He was my colleague, best friend, partner and teacher. I could talk about everything and I meant everything with him. We’d shared the same passion for a lot of things too. He was the one reason that I loved the world and my life so much!

In my career as a teacher, he played a big impact too. He was the person who believed in me 100%, without a doubt. Though he has taught longer than me, he never had a problem about asking for my opinion on teaching or applying the technique that I taught for him to use in his own class. Yes, English was his mother tongue, but he never had the thought that he knew it all when it came to teaching it. It was so amazing for me that he would trust me to teach side by side with him. We became an ensemble duo in teaching. We had several classes together, all with good reviews because Peter was not only an excellent teacher, he was also very warm and approcahable for a native speaker that made all of his students respected and  loved him. I remembered how even my class of 6 years old students would go wild around him. They would try to chat with him, played with him that sometimes they forgot about me….. He had that magic.

Peter had taught me how to be a better teacher. He would spend hours discussing with me on lessons, lesson planning and techniques to use in classroom. He would critic me but also gave me new perspective and praised my teaching. He had never held back on those things because he believed in me. I had always wondered on how he had always thought of me so highly. He had no doubt in me though at times I had it.

Peter went the extra miles for me. There were countless time where he would go to my classroom as a native speaker even without any compensations from my school or the company that hired me. He would go anywhere for my profesional development too. He took unpaid leave from his work to support and accompany me in conferences and workshops. He welcomed my friends at our house knowing that these people had taken part in my journey as a teacher and a person.

I would never find anyone like him ever again, that I’m sure. For life is a school but Peter was my greatest teacher. Sadly, grief is my lesson now….


One thought on “And sadness is the lesson.

  1. Dear Icha,
    I respect your grief and loss. You have lost an amazing person. I didn’t have the pleasure to meet him, but those who met him had only wonderful things to say about him. You are lucky to have had him in your life. I stand with you in your sorrow. Love you, dear.

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